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What is Topdressing?

Topdressing your lawn is the process of spreading 100% Omri certified Peat across your lawn to add organic mater and nutrients to it

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Why should I Topdress my lawn?

 #1 way to reduce irrigation cost

Adds soil microbes 

Slow release fertilizer

Builds a healthy lawn


How easy is it?

Call us for a free quote

Select a date for the application

 Water in the Peat after the application 

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All about Topdressing

  • Topdressing is the #1 thing you can do to improve the water holding capacity of your turf! Topdressing acts like a sponge and allows your turf to hold more water before it runs off. It also helps to keep your lawn from stressing out by keeping the root zone of your turf moist and cool in the hot summer months.

  • 100% organic OMRI certified Reed-sedge peat. At Top Turf, we only use the best products. It's approximately 11,000 years old and has a carbon to nitrogen ration of 15.5:1.  The lower the ratios the more nutrients given. Spagnum peat moss (available at most home improvement stores) is approximately 60:1 . Peat with Carbon to nitrogen ratios of over 30:1  take nutrients away from your lawn.

  •  NFL, MLB and  PGA Golf course Superintendents use the same peat we use! Now that says something!

  • Topdressing has been a staple maintenance practice for golf courses since the sport was invented. It has also been a well kept secret that many homeowners have used to give their lawn an advantage over their neighbors' lawn.

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