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What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is the process of putting seed into the soil and spraying a protective wood fiber coating over the soil. This helps to prevent your soil or seed from washing away in heavy rains.

Hydroseeding Pros vs. Cons

Hydroseeding pros

Thicker greener lawn

Deeper root system

25-75-year life of your lawn

A better blend of grass seed that will use 50% less water over time

Grows more laterally than vertically = thicker softer lawn

Grows slowly so less lawn mowing

Drought resistant

Cheaper than sod


Hydroseeding Cons

2-4 months before it is as thick or thicker than sod

It is not instant grass

It takes time to grow


Pros vs. Cons

Sod pros

Instant grass

Curb appeal is instant

Sod cons

Seed blends vary based on sod farmer

Sod farmer Seed blends are not TWCA certified so they will use 2x the water

Sods life span is 8-15 years approximately

More expensive than hydroseeding

Sod can have issues rooting

Requires large amounts of water the first couple months

Sod can get expensive

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