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What services do I need and when? 

All yards are different, which is why we recommend having a personalized quote done. Below is a general timeline of when we recommend having your yard services done.  


Fertilization and pre-emergent, Advanced Lawn Aeration


Overseeding, Fertilization 


Fertilization and Herbicide application 


Fertilization and Herbicide application, Overseeding, Advanced Lawn Aeration 

Why do I need Advanced Lawn Aeration? 

Advanced Lawn Aeration is a microbe superfood for your soil that is 100% organic! Using Advanced Lawn Aeration helps create a healthier microbe population in your grass which will aerate your soil and keep your grass more nutrient-filled for longer. Advanced Lawn Aeration will repair your damaged lawn and will not leave a mess in your yard. Golf courses across the nation are starting to use this superior technique because the results speak for themselves. 

What is revitalizing my lawn?

Our fertilizer blend is formulated to put new life and vitality into your lawn. The products we use provide everything a lawn needs. They start their work at the microbial level and work all the way up to the grass blades. 
Our products will help increase your lawn's soil aeration which allows grassroots to grow even deeper which makes them more drought-resistant. Our products will also decrease the amount of water your lawn needs. This gives your grass a better environment and more available nutrients to thrive on!

Do we use Humic acids?

Yes, we use Humic acids in our Natural lawn program and in our Platinum lawn program.

What makes FM Organic Turf different from other Lawn Fertilizing companies?

We at FM Organic Turf believe your lawn should look golf course green which is why we use the same products that golf courses use. We are passionate about giving you a lawn that you can be proud of! Give us a call to get your free, personalized Quote! 

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