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What is overseeding?

Overseeding is the process of spreading grass seed on lawns that are thin to grow new grass and thicken it up

Why should I overseed?

Get a thicker lawn

Fill in patchy spots

Increase lawn health

Increased resistance to   heavy traffic and drought

Our program

Specially selected grass seed

Custom fertilizer application

Topdressing with 100% organic Peat

Thick lush desirable lawn

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Why is our Overseeding program the best?

  • At Top Turf, we select a seed blend that has the best qualities for your yard conditions.  We use the highest grade seed that has been pre-treated with a golf-course-grade root and germination booster. This gives your new seed a huge advantage over the standard-issue seed.

  • Our new seed fertilizer blend has been customized to have all of the nutrients a new seed needs to grow its roots big and deep and get your lawn back to being lush and green!

  • Advanced Aeration is a great add-on to any Overseeding job.  Simply put, Advanced Aeration helps increase root growth, microbial activity, water retention, water penetration, and helps increase nutrient availability for your current lawn and the new seed sprouts that will emerge a few days after our visit.

  • Light Topdressing after your new seed is sown into your lawn gives the new seed the soil contact required for germination.  If the seed dries out after it's been moist, it will not sprout. Topdressing helps with moisture management for the seed, but it will also help protect and cover the seed from natural elements such as wind, rain, or hungry birds. 

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