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Advanced Aeration


What is Advanced Aeration?

Advanced Aeration is a process that loosens up hard compacted soil. At the same time Advanced Aeration will also be making your Lawn Greener

Without damage to your lawn !

Why do I need to Aerate my lawn?

Soil decompaction, increased water drainage, thicker lawn, increased microbe population, 100% natural, and no mess.

When should I Aerate my lawn?

During the spring and fall are the best times to aerate your lawn because the cooler months are when your roots will be growing the most!

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About Advanced Aeration

  • Advanced Aeration decreases soil bulk density by increasing microbial activity in the soil. Think of soil microbes like earthworms, as the population increases they will aerate and decrease the soil compaction of your lawn. The more activity in your lawns' ecosystem the deeper the roots of your lawn will grow.

  • Aerating your lawn will also help to increase water drainage, micronutrient availability, water retention and restructures your soil.


  • Advanced Aeration is active in your soil for 3-4 months!

  • No damage to your lawn. No heavy equipment. No ugly dirt plugs in your lawn making a mess.

  • The respiration of soil microbes increases by over 100x. More active microbes = green thicker grass!

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